Catering and Professional Chefs


When training alongside reputable, creative, professional chefs in establishments such as a school’s canteen, cafeteria, pub, hotel, restaurant or as a contract caterer, you will face a number of challenges and pathways to consider. Some variations of cooking styles that chefs can decide to specialise in could derive from the country source e.g. Asian / Indian or Oriental, these have very different base ingredients and flavours to master. Or some chefs may choose to complete instruction in fine / casual dining, or as a pastry (patisserie and confectionary) or pantry (cold foods, salads, cold appetizers, pâtés and charcuterie items) chef. A newly qualified chef could proceed to fulfil their future career ambitions by progressing from a:

  • Kitchen Hand / Assistant
  • Kitchen Porter / Scullery
  • Chef / Cook
  • Commis Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • …to a highly trained and sought after commodity working in high-end dining professions.

Working in a kitchen requires applicants have a good standard of personal hygiene as tasks may include the preparation of cooking ingredients, sterilisation of surfaces and utensils, making sure portions and recipes are measured and followed accordingly and other responsibilities where cleanliness and efficiency takes precedence. This can be a fast-paced industry where employees will need to have excellent timekeeping skills as they can expect to be on shift work, outside the 9am-5pm pattern. In addition to an Apprentice’s training in their chosen pathway in cuisine and cookery, skills taught in customer service qualifications and courses will stand in good stead when liaising with clientele and providing a welcoming environment for them.

Length of Apprenticeship

Minimum 12 months

Entry Requirements

Level 2. None Level 3. Level 2 or equivalent

The Salary

Starting salary £9,000 - £13,000 (once qualified)

Available Apprenticeship Levels

Level 2: Intermediate Apprenticeship in Catering & Professional Chefs. Level 3: Advanced Apprenticeship in Catering & Professional Chefs


The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency can organise Catering and Professional Chef Apprenticeships across the county including deployment in towns such as Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, Fowey and more...