The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency offers a new and unique approach to helping a business grow through taking on an apprentice.

Our dedicated team provides on-going guidance to both the business and the apprentice within a supported framework, ensuring businesses are matched with the right candidate and the apprenticeship programme generates real returns.

Hassle-Free Recruitment & Skills Brokerage

When you decide to employ an apprentice through the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency we will offer you a range of services that take the hassle out of recruitment; saving you un-wanted expense and time. Your business will benefit from the following:

  • Completion of a Company Training Plan tailored to your unique business needs
  • Identifying skills gaps to be filled by recruiting apprentices
  • Creation of apprenticeship job descriptions
  • Advertising your apprentice vacancies
  • Shortlisting and matching of apprentice candidates
  • Support accessing Government incentives
  • Apprenticeship Framework and Training Provider selection

Payroll & HR Services

Your business can also benefit from our payroll and HR services, including the following features:

  • Apprentice payroll services: we employ your apprentice on your behalf, reducing the costs and the risks associated with direct employment*
  • Handling apprentice timesheets, holiday entitlement and all HR issues
  • Apprentice mentoring and pastoral support
  • Facility to share apprentices with other host employers
  • Increased assurances over apprentice employment and training continuity

* You are still required to meet the cost of the apprentice’s wages; plus a management fee to the UK Apprenticeship Agency is charged weekly for as long as we are acting as your apprentice’s employer.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with structured on and off-the-job training leading towards the achievement of accredited qualifications developed by industry. Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for employers to recruit and invest in new staff, offering them the chance to develop their skills and increase workforce productivity.

What is an apprenticeship framework?

Apprenticeship frameworks are categorised by industry and job roles and dictate which qualifications are delivered to apprentices during their apprenticeship. There are over 250 approved apprenticeship frameworks in the UK.

What is the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency?

The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency is a nationally endorsed Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). We work with all size of employers across all industry sectors to help businesses recruit apprentices.

What is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)?

An ATA is a business whose core function is the employment, placement and development of apprentices. Under the ATA model apprentices are employed by the ATA and hired out to host employers.

Who delivers the apprenticeship training?

The apprenticeship training package selected will be delivered by a Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contracted training provider. This is arranged by the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency on behalf of the employer. We work with a range of high quality training providers to offer a breadth of apprenticeship frameworks.

How long does an apprenticeship last?

Apprenticeships last between 12 months and 4 years depending on the job role and length of training. It is our goal to help all of our apprentices progress to full-time work and/or further apprenticeship training at a higher level.

What if I can’t commit to the minimum 12 month apprenticeship term?

The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency model gives you increased flexibilities as an employer and can provide you with apprentices for less than 12 months, or less than 30 hours per week, provided that one or more other employer(s) can be matched with you.

What will it cost me to recruit an apprentice?

The host employer pays the Agency a fee for the apprentice’s services; this fee includes the apprentice’s gross wage agreed with the host employer (at least NMW for apprentices, £3.90/hr) and the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency’s management fee.

Are there fees associated with the apprenticeship training itself?

If an apprentice is 16-18 years old on their start date (up to their 19th birthday), then the apprenticeship training is fully funded by the SFA, so the host employer pays nothing towards the costs of the training.

If an apprentice is 19 years or older on their start date, the apprenticeship training is co-funded by the SFA, meaning the host employer will need to make a contribution to the costs of training. How much will depend on the type of apprenticeship, the age of the apprentice and the selected training provider’s pricing structure.

What happens if the host employer cannot retain the apprentice(s) for the duration of their apprenticeship training?

If circumstances change and the host employer is unable to retain the apprentice the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency will try to find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice giving them the reassurance that they can continue their apprenticeship.

Case Study: Beyond Organic Skincare

Award-winning Beyond Organic Skincare sought to take on an apprentice administrator to cope with growing demand and free up key staff for other tasks. The Cornwall-based firm received comprehensive support from the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency’s specialist advisers and is delighted with their new team member.