Customer Service


Providing good customer service is essential for organisations to maintain and build rapport with clients; learning these vital skills equips you with the knowledge of how to deal with enquiries and requests appropriately, positively and efficiently.

The skills valued and taught by this customer service Apprenticeship are transferable within many different job roles across the wide range of business sectors. Job titles where the role is dedicated primarily to customer service related responsibilities include:

  • Customer Service Trainees / Assistants
  • Representative
  • Receptionist
  • Service Provider (hair dresser, financial services etc.)
  • As well as any other roles encouraging customer engagement

In most professions, some degree of customer service is required to varying extents, and on completion of the course you will be capable and above all confident in communicating with customers on a face-to-face, telephone or written basis enabling you to resolve issues and promote the business and its products/services.

Length of Apprenticeship

Minimum 12 months

Entry Requirements

Level 2: None Level 3. Level 2 or equivalent

The Salary

Job roles and salaries will vary (once qualified)

Available Apprenticeship Levels

Level 2. Intermediate Customer Service Apprenticeship Level 3. Advanced Customer Service Apprenticeship


The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency can organise Customer Service Apprenticeships across the county including deployment in towns such as Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, Fowey and more...