The hospitality industry is part of the broader Leisure, Travel and Tourism sector which is facing a number of key challenges when recruiting enough highly skilled and trained staff to replace left personnel and those who have retired. There are many different businesses involved in the Hospitality area such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and B&Bs etc. The industry combines and links well with other training and qualifications; employees and representatives will benefit by further / higher training to ensure the use of exceptional customer service when dealing with clientele. Comprehensive and professional progression routes are available into managerial and supervisory positions which can lead to long-term career opportunities and advancement in the following job roles:

  • Hospitality Service
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Waiting and Silver Service Waiter
  • Housekeeping
  • ‘Front of House’ Reception
  • and Managerial roles in Hospitality Retail Outlets (once qualified)

On completion of this Apprenticeship you will gain a nationally recognised qualification, have the necessary basic communication skills and a warm, pleasant and welcoming attitude that is essential to providing an attractive experience to your company’s customer base. This improves the chances of customers returning and the distribution of positive ‘word-of-mouth’ which is valuable to the sector as it increases profitability and success of the business.

Length of Apprenticeship

1 year

Entry Requirements

Some pathways may require the serving of alcohol

The Salary

Starting salary (once qualified): £9,000 - £13,000

Available Apprenticeship Levels

Level 2. Intermediate Apprenticeship Level 3. Advanced Apprenticeship


The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency can organise Hospitality Apprenticeships across the county including deployment in towns such as Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, Fowey and more...