IT Application Specialist


As the technological world advances, more and more job roles require IT user skills; in fact over 90% of new positions are wholly dependent on the expertise and competence of the workforce in this industry. While undertaking this Apprenticeship you will learn highly desirable skills to equip you with the knowledge to capably work with IT systems, communication and productivity tools as well as IT software applications.

The most common jobs you will find when entering into IT Application Specialist roles are:

  • Office / Business Administration
  • Accounts departments
  • Publishing or Multimedia
  • Sales and Marketing Departments
  • Education and Training

In addition to these more traditional job descriptions and on completion of advanced levels, those qualified as an IT Application Specialist may find work in more IT-related jobs such as:

  • IT Application Helpdesk / Support
  • IT / Web Technology Officer
  • ICT Technician
  • IT Support

Responsibilities may vary considerably between job roles depending on the organisation’s primary objectives, however the ability to create professional documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and presentations to meet company standard as well as maintaining websites and social media sites can generally be applied across most job ranges.

Length of Apprenticeship


Entry Requirements


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Available Apprenticeship Levels

Level 2. Intermediate IT Application Specialist Apprenticeship Level 3. Advanced IT Application Specialist Apprenticeship


The Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency can organise IT Application Specialist Apprenticeships across the county including deployment in towns such as Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, Fowey and more...