Primary PC Solutions


Primary PC Solutions in Helston sought a new customer-facing member of staff who has a strong interest in IT and is eager to learn.

They approached the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency (CAA) as they were also committed to employing from within their local community and bring new talent through. Enlisting the CAA’s services allowed them to focus on day-to-day business, in the knowledge that the recruitment, short-listing and administration was being taken care of by the Agency’s specialist team.

They were matched with 22-year-old apprentice Samson Clark in March 2013 and are delighted with how he’s fitted into the company and the contribution he’s providing to developing the business.

Nigel Buxton, a director of the IT firm, said: “We became involved with the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency because we wanted to build on the opportunities we offer our clients. In addition, we really wanted to bring someone keen and local into the company.

“Since awarding Samson an apprenticeship position with us, we have gained a great member of the team with high quality customer skills.  In return, we are offering him above-average apprentice pay rates and a wide range of transferrable skills for the future.”

Samson is enjoying enhancing his people skills  and gaining a broader knowledge base of the business. He said: “I’d previously studied at Helston Community College and then worked as a cleaner in Cornwall and an odd-jobber in a guest house in Australia. I knew I wanted to work in IT, but when I applied for positions I was rejected due to lack of experience.

“I am really enjoying being an apprentice at Primary PC Solutions. Apprenticeships are really the only way for many people of my age to get into IT unless they already know the right people. This was a great opportunity to be given.”